Expressive Wearable Assignment – Alinda Zhu

Miracle bowknot


  1.  The main element is Circult Playground Express, which uses 2 switches to change the animation of the lights.
  2. There is a pin on the back of the bow, which can be attached to the clothes.
  3. Random color lights look bright.



When I was wearing Lolita once, I thought the bow could combine the light from the electronics to give a cute, cyber-like feel. When I connected Circult to my computer using a USB cable, the initial rainbow light reminded me of Humpty Lock, which reminds me of Hinamori Amu, turning into colorful four-leaf clovers with four sweethearts. In my work, there are two different touch switches that can control the color change, the color corresponds to the sub-dream transformation and the normal lock color.


  1. Materials: Sewing kit(with sissors), conductive thread,Circuit Playground Express ,usb wire, small DC Buzzer with Leads, hot melt gun, A cloth, gauze, ribbon, curved brass basting pins.


I had done the basic code on the computer before I stitched it up. All I needed to do was sew the bow out and sew the components in the center of the bow.

2. First of all, I will cut a 10*50cm, 10*46cm, 7*10cm cloth on the dark blue cloth. After cutting, I will sew the 10*50cm, 10*46cm cloth around and leave a 2cm mouth in the middle to turn over. After turning over, fix the position at the center line with a needle and thread pleat. Then fold the 7*10cm cloth strip in half, and then tuck the gauze and ribbon and stick the joint with a hot melt gun; The pins on the back are also glued. Sew wires and conductive threads on bows according to the design drawing, and fix Circuit Playground Express with needle and thread.img_20220331_150135



3. Testing





3-1 Coding

My job only requires each different route to control different types of light animations. In MakeCode, I created two ports, each showing the preset color in coding, otherwise, it would run the MakeCode basic animation.


3-2 Final work


  • In the process of making it, I found it aesthetically pleasing that I didn’t hide the thread. Next time, I’ll be more careful.
  • MakeCode is very powerful and simple for me, it shows what’s happening directly. In one case, I wanted to type in some sounds when the switch was on, which was more like the Yamon Transformation scene, so that’s a goal I’ll be working on in the future.

Next Step

  • I’d like to buy a battery jack for the Express and make a small case for it so I can carry it outside without a USB cable and be more practical and environmentally friendly (you can change the battery).
  • At first, I wanted to pin it to my head, but it was hard to show off without a USB cable, and it was extremely inconvenient to wear. I finally decided and wanted to wear it on my chest, and it looked good with my blue Lolita dress.


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