The Memory Light Band

What is the memory watch? 

The memory watch is a childhood light up watch that reminds me of the nostalgic memories I had of wearing one of these watches everyday. I would remember showing these watches to my friends and think I was super cool. As I remember these watches, I wanted to recreate something similar to them. Thinking about all the moms with kids who would never stop crying, this wearable is used to calm younger kids down and make them happy over music and lights.

Ideation Sketches 




I was inspired by these childhood watches that I would have as a kid. If a new design was produced I would always beg my parents for more. I had ones that would light up and you were able to change the design on the inside which was the look I was going for.


Materials List 

  • 6″ Plastic Embroidery Hoop
  • CPX
  • White Cotton
  • Embroidery Floss in various colours
  • Buttons
  • Mask Ear Loop
  • Conductive Thread
  • Old Round Clear Plastic Gatcha Capsule

Note: I ended up not using leds for the side band as well because mostly the interaction of these bands is in the middle! I found it took away from the concept.






Final Design:

I included a video and photo documentation also in the peep holes of the capsule


Here is a link to the video!


During my process, I had the measurements of the fabric messed up and I had a larger hoop and ran out of time to buy another one.

The makecode process was very simple for someone who knows music already. I often had to look at the clarinet fingerings to know what note was played.

Sometimes the code would fail and I did have a short circuit in my previous design.

I decided to stick with the metal look of the conductive thread using stem stitch and an embroidery hoop. Each time you flipped it, a  design pattern would be embedded into the band.


It is very comfortable since cotton is like shirt material. The placement is right on the wrist and you are able to move your arms around. More buttons can be placed around the band.

Next Steps:

I would like to create more top pieces that you can take out with multiple cpx’s that would change songs and lights adjusted to the children’s taste.

To have this more portable for outdoor use for calming kids to add a battery or a phone adapter.

To make the ends more finished and refined.


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