Open Project: Touch sleeve


For this open project, there were many ideas I considered:

Shoulder Armour, Zipper interaction, Bracelet, Mask. 

Hoodie: This hoodie would sense movement of putting it on the hood on the head, and LED’s would turn on behind the head to show less visibility of the wearer’s face.

Scales;  When the scales move, there is light detection that would have scales glow

Skirt: the pleated skirt would have LEDs at the bottom, and should brighten with movement

Arm Sleeve: This is the one I worked on, it would have conductive strips to change the colour of the LEDs. 


Inspired by yu gi oh, duel sleeve. I wanted to create the idea of it as if you are placing a card down on your arm. It would pay homage, and be aesthetically pleasing.

4 points of wearability 

I went for comfort, it was important to have the sleeve still flexible for the arm to stretch out all the way. I had to use the LED strips because there were no neo pixels available to buy. I had to keep the LEDs strips loose so the arm could move freely. 

The wires would be insulated from the body underneath. And over top, so there won’t be any random shocking. 

The conductive touch is on the arm for easy accessibility for the touch button or places that the cards go. 

The placement of LEDs isn’t distracting to the user unless they look at their arm. 



1 2




Experiment with Code



Final project items

Golfing sleeve

Tinfoil lined cards



Parts lits

LED strips

Conductive fabric

Conductive thread

Circuit diagram




Overall I think this project was very fun to do, and experiment with the LEDs. I wish I had a chance to use the neo pixels, but that’s for another time. Using the hard to soft connection was difficult at first, but I used crimping beads to combine the conductive thread and the LED wires together. For the code, I thought make code would be able to detect touches at the same time, but it does not. I had to change up the code to true and false commands for when the fabric is touched. sometimes the hardware is a bit tricky to output the command but most of the time it works.

Another problem I had with this project was a short circuit with all the thread on the arm.

Next Steps

I would like to refine the sowing and use the thread. Making it look like a complete product. I would switch out the LED strips to neo pixels.




Expressive Wearable Prototype: Calming Glove

The emotion of this glove is to induce a calming effect when pressure is applied to the pointer fingertip, something that I do when anxious. When pressure is applied, the circuit playground plays a sound, specifically Song of Storms from Legend of Zelda.  If there is a bright area on the back of the palm, a song from Spirited away would play.

Originally the idea was a weather respondent glove, in which if it was raining, ideally, there would be a water sensor to detect rainfall and the back of the palm would have a light combined with a temperature sensor. 

This is me playing around with ideas.


Finding out the pressure points of the pressure sensor:


Doing the circuit with alligator clips:


Cut out the Cloth. I kept the wires isolated with cloth on both sides.


Testing again with circuit sowing




putting it together


Final Circuit

8 7


Parts List:

220k Resistor

Pressure sensor,

Conductive thread,

Circuit playground,



Hot Glue,

Conductive Fabric.

Circuit Diagram



For this project, I wanted to challenge myself where the output was not just LEDs. I played around with the other outputs that are on the circuit playground, such as sound and motors. After thinking about how complex the circuits and the layout will be, I thought the sound would be the best output.

I followed the example of writing clothes, emotions, and verbs down to help start thinking of ideas on what to make. Originally I had the idea of a cape, but that would be too much material. I ended up deciding to create a glove, with the emotion of calmness. 

The thing I struggled with was sowing itself, and having all the parts connect with the conductive thread. I secured the end of the wires with hot glue so they would not interact with each other. As well as determining the pressure and light sensor capacity, I solved this by using lights based on the analog input. Sowing through the conductive fabric is also tough, so I put holes beforehand and sow through it.

I learned methods from class on how to sow better, using smaller stitches.


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