Open Project Prototype

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My project for this assignment was to make a wristband that can connect to your phone, that would allow you to interact with what music is playing, allowing you to change tracks and pause what is playing without needing to take your phone out of your pocket or backpack

Wiring Diagram


I decided to keep the wiring simple and simply improve on the rather overbuilt design from my last project by having the conductive fabric pads be close to each other, allowing the contacts to be bridged by simply using one finger to cross the gap.

While difficult to see, I used clear tape as a method to attach and secure the conductive thread in place as the cloth was quite thick.


I also decided to keep the code on the simple side and make it so simply pressing a set of contacts would trigger the led without restricting use of the other buttons, as the main point is to allow quick navigation and shuffling of a set of songs without restriction.


Out of all the things that I would change with this project, the main one would be the material I used when sewing my circuit together, as the cloth material I chose was quite difficult to sew into, and as a result, I was unable to sew the circuit in the way i had originally wanted to.

I would also alter how the conductive thread is connected to the CPE as sometimes it would fail to register the inputs from the conductive fabric pads used to interact with it.

I don’t know how to add a video link to demonstrate it working, so I have e-mailed it to you instead.

Skill Share Workshop – Brandon Luk

Insulating circuits is a simple, but  important task as it helps protect the very important wires in a circuit from external elements and prevents outside influences from damaging or altering the circuit.

Many different materials can be used to insulate wires, from something as simple as a piece of tape, to hot glue and even nail polish. As long as the material used to insulate the wire is non-conductive, anything can be used if done properly.



Expressive Wearable Assignment – Brandon Luk

  • Concept: A glove type wearable that indicates to others that you need to go/leave the room depending on which fingers you touch to your thumb
  • Objective: Some people have issues speaking up when a teacher is talking during class, even if they need to go
  • Parts List: Circuit Playground Express, Felt, Conductive Thread, Conductive Fabric, Regular Thread
  • Reflections & Next Steps: If I were to redo this project, I would condense the wires running from the CPE to the wrist to a single channel to minimize the overall size of the wearabledsc_0003