DIGF-2016 Open Project:Prototype – Belt

Transform Light Belt


I want to make a belt with put the Circuit Playground Express in the middle of it and I can wear it anywhere from chest to crotch, even if it can be worn slanted like a shoulder bag belt. For the CPX, it will show green and purple colors in normal mode. When I touch the button, colors will be changed to transform to different modes. The reason for me to use this idea is because it relates to my favorite Japanese Tokusatsu drama, Kamen Rider W, the main characters’ transform item. I want to create it in my own way and idea.


img_6640img_6641 img_6643

Prepare materials

img_6662img_6661 img_6665img_6666

In my work, it needs to use conductive threads to link each corresponding interface of CPX.

img_6703img_6704 img_6705
Bring the CPX plain sewn to the belt
 img_6706   img_6709 img_6708    img_6707
Parts List:
Circuit Playground Express
Conductive thread and fabric
Different colors and types of cotton fabrics
Fabric Tissu
Sew-on Snaps
Metal D-Rings
Circuit Diagram:

Reflection and next steps:
For this work, the hardest challenge is sewing everything together and hiding the thread and resistance to keep it looking clean and beautiful. I use three pieces of fabric to separate the thread to set them into different parts to accomplish this. It still needs to care about the problems from the short circuit or crossing thread.

For the next steps, I want to add some LED lights to the belt between the main CPX platform. But the CPX has a little problem as the power supply is not strong. The brightness of LED lights looks very dark, this is a problem I want to fix in the future.

Though I have some animation as if touching A4, A6, and A7 it will show, I think I will make some buttons for it with conductive fabric to make them show out easier.

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Skill Sharing Workshop – Kan Huang & Zhiye Yang

DIGF – 2016 – 001 Intro to Wearable Electronics

Skill Sharing Workshop – New ways to insulate soft circuits 

Kan Huang, Zhiye Yang

About why to protect the circuit.
This is a wearable Badge about the twelve signs of the Constellation. On the surface, this looks like the dial of a clock, around which are pasted 12 different constellations representing the year. The lights blink from one to two and finally merge into one symbolizing a kind of each month is represented by each month, they are a whole, symbolizing time day after day, year after year. Because this is constantly running, it will cause the current of the circuit to be limited to the current consumed by your device. Meaning the power supply can’t provide unlimited current, but it will provide as much current as it can, which can be a lot. This can cause wires to burn out, damage the power supply, and drain the battery.

circuit-image circuit-image2hanging-buckle-2


How can we best protect our circuits?
Here are three ways to protect the circuit. We purchased all materials from Michaels.
Firstly, we designed the code of the circuit diagram and operated it successfully.

Circuit Diagrams

img_6559 img_6560 img_6561 img_6562 img_6563 img_6564 img_6565 img_6566


  1. Detachable wearing mode
    Here we introduce some materials that  Wearable Projects can be detachable as they can hang on the body and takedown. The use of a series of removable devices such as clips to fix the device, when running time beyond the normal range, or in the process of wearing feel unable to heat in time, these props can be removed in time to prevent short circuits and other problems.


Sticky Back
It is very convenient as it can be sticky on the clothes or anywhere you want and hide on the backside, but the disadvantage is not very stable.

It has strong power for holding the object on the clothes and is stable.
The shortcoming is Pin will break holes in the clothes and fabric. Pin can’t through some materials of clothes.

This is a powerful and convenient object for holding something on cloth.
For holding on clothes, can hold objects very stable on the neckline or edge of clothes, other parts of clothes will be not fixed. And it looks really not beautiful.

Hanging Bucket
A good material for making pendants, and it can link multiple pieces of fabric together.

Difficulty:  🌟

Drying/Setting Time:  🌟

Mess Level: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 

1. Felt
2. USB
3. Battery
4. Circuit Playground Express
5. All kinds of clips

Directly use a piece of felt for operation, leave a hole in the top and clamp it with a clip.

pin sticky-back-2 img_6557

Simple and fast operation, removable, Replaceable

Heavy, Inconvenient assembly after disassembly, Unsightly

The inspiration comes from this necklace device, which is inspired by the idea of wearing the necklace used in the device. (https://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=4954



2. BatteryJack & Battery

Use BatteryJack to connect circuit playground expressions and run the set code The switch can be controlled at any time. And select the battery service time, which can avoid the number of replacement times.

batteryjack batteryjack-2

Batteryjack can switch on and off independently. If the switch is turned off after running for too long, it can avoid poor heat dissipation and short circuit problems caused by the long-time operation. Different types of batteries have different capacities and will produce different reactions.


Difficulty:  🌟

Drying/Setting Time:  🌟

Mess Level: 🌟 🌟 

1. Felt
3. Battery
4. Circuit Playground Express

Convenient, avoid problems such as short circuits and overheating

Large, fixation difficulty

According to the introduction and tips of the battery, the thought of using BatteryJack to control the switch. Inspired by trafo pop led jack, this is a soft pot installed on the left chest, which becomes the interface to open and close the circular led on the back. (https://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=4760)




3. Felt
The heat dissipation function of the felt is very weak, the reason for using it is that we are trying to avoid burnout and short circuit problems caused by over-running of the circuit. Sometimes a good heat dissipation function will also be damaged because the equipment runs too long. By the increase of the felt temperature, it is possible to determine that the operation needs to be stopped when the temperature is too high.


Difficulty: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 

Drying/Setting Time:  🌟 🌟 🌟 

Mess Level: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 

1. Felt
2. BatteryJack
3. Battery
4. Circuit Playground Express

Use felt to set the slot so that the circuit playground express is protected by overlapping, feel the heating temperature after wrapping completely and stop as soon as the temperature is too high.

Easy to find, light to wear


Inspired by this is a position sensing on the body, which is a wearable device that tracks the surface. Select appropriate materials and use sensing functions to solve problems.







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Expressive Wearable Assignment – Kan Huang

“Go For It”


– Circuit Playground Express be the core of the work and use some switches to change the animation of lights.
– The brightness will be random to makes lights looks flashing.
– All the things are connected by one felt (not separated parts) and can hang on the belt or wear on the wrist.



I like Japanese tokusatsu drama, the Kamen Rider series, so I want to use the concept to create something, make something out, and relate to the Kamen Rider W(2009-2010). In my work, I have three switches to control the Circuit Playground Express shows different colors in random brightness. The color corresponds to the different types of the main character in W.


Prepare the design page and materials.


My design is very simple. I created the code before I make it, so I just need to use a conductive thread to link the A3, A4, A6 ports separated to a space on the felt, and use a small piece of conductive fabric to be the connectors.

The active ports are finished, I use thread to link the GND port and use another long felt to be the switch. The conductive fabric will be set on the top of the felt because I need it to connect to A3, A4, and A6 ports connectors to active the lights animations.


In the final image, I use clips to clamp a felt to hide the wire and a USB Cable on the back to make wires void my skin.



Final Project Image

If I do nothing, it will show a circuiting light animation, and each switch will make Express change the color of the lights.



Parts List
– Circuit Playground Express
– Conductive Thread
– Conductive Fabric
– A Needle
– Felt
– Clips
– Sticky Back Fasteners
– Scissors
– Pen

Circuit Diagram
Simply, my work just needs each different route to control different types of light animations. In MakeCode, I create three ports, and each one makes the colors, otherwise, it will run the MakeCode basic animation.




– During the progress, I made a big mistake was the conductive thread needs a clear route to the conductive fabric, but some of them have crossed each other so it has crashed to Express’s animation. Next time, I will be more careful about it.
– The MakeCode is very strong and simple for me, it shows directly what happened. In one case, I want to input some sounds when the switch is on, so this is also one goal for me to do in the future.
– I also want to use buttons instead of switches, and I want to learn how to add a CDS to control the brightness of the lights of Express.

Next Step
– I want to change my switches to have clear and short routes and change the switch to be a button (if can). I want to buy a battery jack for Express and create a small bag for it, so I can carry it outside without using a USB Cable.
– This prototype is simple than I thought. I think it needs some sound when the switch is on, and I still want to create two more switches for another two different types of lights animations.
– In the beginning, I design it to set on the belt, but it was too hard to show the Express without the USB Cable. I want it can be set on the belt and looks well.


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