Little Bits


Today we got the opportunity to see how Little Bits operates as a company. I like the format and the overall feel of the company. The departments seemed to be organized and had privacy, yet they had windows and halls which made it feel like an open workspace. The workers seemed to feel comfortable working and communicating with each other. This seemed so important because of the diverse kinds of departments Paul had showed us, from manufacturing to designing, to audio, research, funding and others.

They have a voting system for new products, if they receive 1000 votes they will be made. They had a neat little physical representation of this using Little Bits to move each product sticker up the wall on a track. The ones closer to the top were closer to the 1000 votes mark. I noticed a similarity between this system and their automated tram which travelled along on a ceiling track from the kitchen to the other side of the building.  I was also impressed with the automated alarm system, which was a system triggered to open the curtains and play a loud tune from a horn. This system was very unique and I imagine, effective. I especially like the fact that it seemed like a normal alternative for a typical alarm clock. For people who can’t sleep with the sun lighting up the room, I think this would be effective and it’s also really fun.