Push Strength


1 – What is the target audience for your product?

2 – How are you adapting your social media presence to it?

3 – Do you think it would be able to release your main product without the crowd funding system?


When visiting Push, I had the opportunity to meet Mike Lovas and Chang Baek. Lovas explained that Push is a Toronto-based, design-centric sports technology company. Their main product is a wearable device for sport training. They work with professional athletes and their coaches to track and analyze their training in the gym to ultimately improve their performance on the field. They are also expanding their reach into healthcare, building relationships with academia to study the effects of visual feedback during movement-based rehabilitation on a variety of conditions.


Although Push is a small and young company, it is impressive to see them working for so many big teams, for example, teams part of the NHL, NBA, NFL, etc. Also, they do not limit themselves working only in Toronto, they have clients even outside of Canada. One interesting thing about their device is that it is connected via bluetooth to a smartphone, which is something very present in people’s lives, so the client should not have problems using their app. Another interesting point is that the trainer can communicate and make a new program for the athlete even when they are not in the same place. This concept of not seeing distance as a problem, seems to work very well for the company. I feel like they are slowly reaching out for the world without having to leave Toronto.