1 – Your company seems to be conceived in a very spontaneous way, what were the greatest bureaucratic issues you faced?

2 – Did you ever face any issues related to the space or location of your company?

3 – Do you have interest in expanding the focus of the company to other softwares or services?



At first, when our group arrived at Upverter Headquarters, it looked like a regular residential house. But, only after going downstair to the meeting room, we noticed that it was, indeed, their home. The fact that the team do not live there (at least not currently) doesn’t change the “home sweet home” feeling or the warm greetings we received. We gathered just like guests or old friends who came to drink and chat about how the company was doing.

We were guided mainly by Michael Woolworth and Adam Gravitis. They greeted us and talked a little bit about their past, how they went to University together and, after being in the “real world”, how they didn’t like their jobs. Their main focus was to make a better software, that came from a personal necessity in their old jobs. So, not liking to work for someone else, they decided to quit their current job and brainstorm ideas to what they could do next. The result was Upverter – an online, cheaper, better and accessible software. The company started around 4, 5 years ago and now they build CAD Software, circuit design software for browser, using their past experiences with software and hardware development.


With a long time friendship as core of the business, they are a young company working on a promising product, different from any competitor in the market. Although I couldn’t see myself working with the kind of service they provide, Upverter is definitely a model to be followed. In my opinion, their informality combined with responsibility is one of the aspects I would like to see more in the industry.