1 – Who can use the place to show their artwork?

2 – Are there any limitations for types of work to be exposed?

3 – What are the opportunities for OCAD students?


When our group arrived at Xpace Cultural Centre, located on 303 Lansdowne Avenue, we were received by Emily Gove (Director) & Adrienne Crossman (Programming Coordinator).

They explained to us that Xpace is supported by the OCAD Student Union and it helps new artists to expose their work. Emily told us that all OCAD students are member of the Xpace and Adrienne elaborated saying that it is as a bridge between being a student and being a professional artist. Their main program is the exhibition program, with four spaces available for single artists or collaborations. One of the spaces is unique due the fact that it is next to the main window at the entrance. This way, the artwork can be seen from a specific angle, also be exposed 24/7. At the end, they told us that videos of the expositions are available on their website along with an explanation of the works.


The Xpace seems like a very interesting and supportive place for emerging artists. It is a great community to start exposing artworks, considering that an opportunity like this is not easy to find in the creative world. They are not limited only in regular and traditional art, but are opened to any kind of creative projects. It is a fantastic opportunity for OCAD students, but I believe is it not well advertised and many students are not aware of it.