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Visualizing Sensor Data: I-See & BreathMask

The following two wearable technology projects, I-See and BreathMask, are explorations of practical and artistic uses for sensors in wearable garments. In the making of both garments, I explore the relationship between the body and technology. The BreathMask The BreathMask is a surgical mask that can be used for everyday wear to protect the user […]

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Head In The Clouds

Project Description Head In The Clouds is a head wrap that visualizes the changes in the sky from the sun to the moon. It is both a fashion and art piece meant to represent the mind in its most pensive and introspective hours of the day, early mornings and late at nights. Using a switch, […]

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Contact Rugby Jersey

Project Description  A good rugby team has strength and stamina, and to achieve such a skilled team it is important that the biggest players i.e, the forwards can keep up the pace throughout the game without getting tired out from high levels of contact. One way to reduce fatigue from high levels of contact is […]

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