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Project description TalkTags are social wearable badges or accessories that use inbuilt voice notes to engage people in conversations. The TalkTags are designed such that each tag has a unique pattern that can tag on to another TalkTag. When they are stacked on one another, it activates and the users can switch through different conversation […]

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Conversational Collar


Project description The Conversational Collar is an expressive wearable that responds to conversations around it. Using the sound sensor on the Adafruit CPX, it listening to the surrounding sounds and using a servo motor moves in small waves when someone is talking, like it is calm and is listening and when there is silence it […]

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Button Pushers


A textile wearable-interaction designed around ‘social buttons'[1] and social-media behaviours using DIY textile sensors, to entice the users to engage in real-world interactions with the instant gratification of social media clicks accumulation through sound and visual feedback. Through this social experiment I am exploring the question, ‘What is the impact of social media interactions on […]

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