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Voice in Nature

Wearable 3 Documentation The Documentation Project Title: Voice in nature Description Voice in nature is an expressive wearable that demonstrates the connectivity between humans and nature. While white symbolizes purity and blue resembles the color of sky and sea, the lights embedded in the flowers on the dress will react to the voice of the […]

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Ocean’s Heartbeat

Project description Ocean’s heartbeat is an expressive wearable that displays human heartbeats on the blinking pattern in lights of the design of the coral reef on the T-shirt. As a nature lover, I’ve always been drawn to the beauty of its inhabitants and feel deeply connected to them. Through the connection between the behavior of […]

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Fitness Go

Project Title Fitness Go Project Description As technology becomes more and more seamlessly integrated into people’s daily life, using devices such as computers and smartphones have become inevitable to complete needs from work to entertainment to basic daily needs. They often become so invisible due to the frequent appearance in our life that we don’t […]

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