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The Hug Shirt

The Hug Shirt Clothing plays a vital role in social communication and it can broadcast strong social signaling. The clothes we choose to wear each day influence how others receive us, and the kind of first impression we put out into the world. In this prospect, the wearable computing device can offer new unique opportunities […]

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Swimming Pool Scarf

Project Description: Code: I have always been fascinated by swimming pools and their aesthetics. Pool Scarf is an interactive scarf which you can put on your head or shoulders. When you put it on and make a node, the lights change their colors. I aimed to recreate the beauty of the swimming pool, its reflection […]

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Chingo Pestañas (an abundance of eyelashes)

Project Description General Concept A decorative fedora designed with the intent of being worn by a musician, ie. a street or small venue performer.  The main feature is painterly decorum that is influenced by the Day Of the Dead artwork from the Mexican holiday Cinqo De Mayo.  Actuators used This aesthetic is achieved with glow-in-the-dark […]

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Conversational Collar


Project description The Conversational Collar is an expressive wearable that responds to conversations around it. Using the sound sensor on the Adafruit CPX, it listening to the surrounding sounds and using a servo motor moves in small waves when someone is talking, like it is calm and is listening and when there is silence it […]

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Head In The Clouds

Project Description Head In The Clouds is a head wrap that visualizes the changes in the sky from the sun to the moon. It is both a fashion and art piece meant to represent the mind in its most pensive and introspective hours of the day, early mornings and late at nights. Using a switch, […]

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Angry Bag


PROJECT TITLE Angry Bag PROJECT BY Priya Bandodkar DOCUMENTATION VIDEO PROJECT DESCRIPTION Emotion: Anger Actuators: LED Light, Servo Motor ‘Angry Bag’ is a bag that doesn’t like being overloaded. If overburdened, it blinks a warning. If not acted upon in time, it gets aggravated and opens the bottom flap, dumping all the things inside it onto […]

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Ocean’s Heartbeat

Project description Ocean’s heartbeat is an expressive wearable that displays human heartbeats on the blinking pattern in lights of the design of the coral reef on the T-shirt. As a nature lover, I’ve always been drawn to the beauty of its inhabitants and feel deeply connected to them. Through the connection between the behavior of […]

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Heart Skips a Beat


  Heart Skips a Beat NEO NUO CHEN Project description: This project is an easy to wear vest made out of a pair of old jeans, with a cut-and-sew heart using felt as its material. The heart is being controlled by the circuit express playground board, and a servo as the actuator to pull the […]

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The higher you fly, the harder you fall!

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This is a kinetic art installation which emotes the feeling of elevation with pride.  This indulges in an extended non-verbal communication from the user to his surroundings. Three capacitive touchpads and a do-it-yourself switch are coded to activate the NeoPixels and wings respectively. This project is a surreal mix of fantasy and feelings […]

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Enthu Tophat


Project Title Enthu Tophat   Project Description This project is an expression of energy and ecstasy that has been represented in the form of a wearable. The objective behind this was a fashioning ensemble that is easy to put on and stands out in a crowd. What began with the thought of creating something that moves […]

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