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Visualizing Sensor Data: I-See & BreathMask

The following two wearable technology projects, I-See and BreathMask, are explorations of practical and artistic uses for sensors in wearable garments. In the making of both garments, I explore the relationship between the body and technology. The BreathMask The BreathMask is a surgical mask that can be used for everyday wear to protect the user […]

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Bloom Bloom was designed around the emotional tone word ‘fancy’. The concept was to hide beautiful mechanics that would be hidden within a special occasion garment. The goal was to create a wearable piece that contains motors which drive mechanical flora to bloom.  The actuator is based on a 3D printable servo linear actuator by […]

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Swimming Pool Scarf

Project Description: Code: I have always been fascinated by swimming pools and their aesthetics. Pool Scarf is an interactive scarf which you can put on your head or shoulders. When you put it on and make a node, the lights change their colors. I aimed to recreate the beauty of the swimming pool, its reflection […]

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