Shoulder Bird

Project Description
“Shoulder bird” is a wearable accessory I made for artistic purposes. It is supposed to imitate a bird on your shoulder, much like the pirate trope. The main purpose of the wearable is for cosplay and for fun. The project features two interactable components: A pressure sensor on the beak of the plush bird and an accelerometer on the circuit playground. The project was made with car proximity sensor in mind and how the beeps have a shorter interval and higher tone when they are too close to another object. The pressure sensor alters the tone of the speaker while the accelerometer’s Y-axis readings alters the interval between each beep. The X-axis readings alter the delay between each loop. I made the project with car sensors in mind, specifically when it beeps when reversing and how the beeps display urgency and danger through the tone and interval. I also chose the icon of a bird because I feel that the beeping of the speakers are reminiscent of a bird’s song/ tweet.
(The bird goes on your shoulder, it id fastened there by a safety pin)
Parts List:
-Minky fabric (Black, Grey, and White for plush)
-Black Spandes (For Base)
-Circuit Playground Classic
-Conductive Fabric
-Conductive Thread
-1k Resistor
-Polyester Beads

Video 1 (fastened on the Shoulder):
Video 2 (Unattached):

Circuit Diagram

Here is the link to the code on github

Project Context
This pattern of an axolotl plush is my largest inspiration for the project as I wanted to use a similar pattern to make a plush. I incorporated the plush before anything else into the project.
Though this project isn’t a wearable project it inspired me to got for a more whimsical/ fantastical direction. THis helped me decide to make something just for the sake of art and fun.

Process: Plush
I took reference from the pattern but adapted it a bit for my own purposes. The plush was hand sewn and full of plastic beads to make it floppier. I feel that this design choice worked out well as it makes it perfect to be situated on the shoulder.
screenshot_20220427-023603_gallery screenshot_20220427-023626_gallery screenshot_20220427-023538_gallery

Process: Electronics
The circuit features a voltage divider with a pressure sensor attached to it.The whole circuit isn’t placed directly on the plush, instead  it is sewn onto a Black Spandex “housing”. The rest of the electronics are housed in the circuit playground.

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