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My art style, especially in the context of technology, is heavily influenced by juxtaposing seemingly opposite realm: physical-digital, technologic-organic. By uniting these realms, technology departs from being a mere utility or novel, into a dynamic and stimulating extension dimension to our own. 

Web Future is a conceptual project that further explores this artistic interpretation in a variety of techniques. The project features a glove that connects via bluetooth to a TouchDesigner animation, endeavouring to bridge digital and physical realities with a seamless and dynamic interaction. As the user moves their hand, an animation will likewise respond to these motions, serving an experience akin to physically reaching into the digital world.

Additionally, the physical makeup of the glove is an exploration into demonstrating technology through a seemingly opposing medium. The glove was crocheted very loosely from raw cotton twine, delicately covering the hand through a very organic weblike structure. The BLE board is plainly displayed atop and is beautifully striking against the organic cotton, its wires and battery connection nicely hidden in the user’s sleeve. Technology is often considered to be something highly engineered, so I found it particularly interesting and even futuristic to move beyond that and display technology in such a way that appears to be falling apart.

img_6330 img_6312



The wearability of my final project drastically diverged from the wearable criteria I outlined in my project proposal. Initially, I imagined an installation piece available for all sorts of people to try, and therefor required a simple and easily adjustable glove. However when it actually came to creating the glove I felt more driven to create an artistic piece that explored my interest in smart textiles.


  • 1x Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense
  • 1x Arduino Nano 33 BLE
  • 1x D Battery
  • 1x D Battery Clip
  • Conductive Thread
  • Conductive Yarn
  • Raw Cotten Twine
  • Regular Thread

Circuit Diagram:




Final Video:



Overall this project was a success and I was able to create what I sought out to do. Incorporating the bluetooth was the biggest challenge and I’m so pleased it worked because the project would not have felt as cool without it.

Next Steps:

I’m very excited for what comes next in this project, which entails adding finger switched by crocheting conductive yarn. I think introducing this element will really elevate the project as it will serve an excellent bridge between the circuit board and the crocheted glove, excellently displaying the idea of “loose/deconstructed technology”. While it’s unfortunate I was not able to include that this semester it’s something I’d like to work on right away and so I should have an update relatively soon. 

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