Assignment 2

For this assignment I wanted to try to make 3D figures using what we learned. I edited the code so that I can have diagonal lines, in doing that I made a trapezoid. IĀ used 2 of the shapes to create each of the faces and overlayed another effect so that there is a red outline. I used a sin function to animate it and try to make it look like there is light circling the object but it did not seem to work.


// Function for trapezoid
float rect(vec2 st, vec2 size, vec2 loc,float skew, float stretch, vec2 wh){
 float result = 1.0;
 vec2 border = (1.0-size)/2.000;

result = step( border.x, mix (st.x,st.y,skew)+-loc.x);
 result *= step( border.x, wh.x-mix (st.x,st.y,(skew))+loc.x);
 result *= step( border.y, mix (st.x,st.y,stretch)+-loc.y);
 result *= step( border.y, wh.y-mix (st.x,st.y,stretch)+loc.y);
 return result;
void main() {
 vec2 st = gl_FragCoord.xy/u_resolution.xy;
 st.x *= u_resolution.x/u_resolution.y;
//Left cube face
 vec2 wH1= vec2(0.9,1.22); // Width and height varible to make the layers uniform
 vec2 loc1= vec2 (-0.132,-0.204); //Location varible to make the layers uniform
 //Colour mixing to get the right colour
 vec3 colourA1 = vec3(0.554,1.000,0.673); 
 colourA1.r = rect(st, vec2 (0.472),loc1,0.,1.434, vec2(wH1));
 colourA1.g = rect(st, vec2 (0.400),loc1,0.,1.434, vec2(wH1));
 vec3 colourA2 = vec3(0.554,1.000,0.673);
 colourA2.r = rect(st, vec2 (0.400),loc1,0.,1.434, vec2(wH1));
 vec3 colourA = mix(colourA1,colourA2,0.460);
//Left cube face
 vec2 wH2= vec2(0.98,0.97);
 vec2 loc2= vec2 (0.172,-0.052);
 //Colour mixing to get the right colour
 vec3 colourB1= vec3(0.767,0.785,0.595);
 colourB1.r = rect(st, vec2 (0.448),vec2 (0.228,-0.044),0.,0.858, vec2(0.95,0.97));
 colourB1.g = rect(st, vec2 (0.400),loc2,0.,0.858, vec2(wH2));
 vec3 colourB2= vec3(0.990,0.985,0.995);
 colourB2.r = rect(st, vec2 (0.400),loc2,0.,0.858, vec2(wH2));
 vec3 colourB = mix(colourB1,colourB2,-0.172);
// mixing the faces and animation
float amt= sin((st.x+u_time)*(6.28*0.276)+0.5)*cos((st.x+u_time)*(6.28*0.276)+0.5);
vec3 colour= mix(colourA, colourB,amt);

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