Mid Term

My mid-term combines randomness, simplex noise, brownian motion, images as textures, and also colour blending as texture (to look like gold). It will react to the device microphone/amplitude of audio input.

It’s using 2 shaders in the p5.js sketch. One for the gold cube, and one for the background lines. The cube is using p5’s texture() function to wrap the texture around a p5 3D object, in this instance a box().

The gold shader specifically is one I have been working a lot on, constantly refining and tweaking. In the process, I made a shader that can take two images and “blend” them together as blobs, without overlapping or interference/distortion from the other image. To separate images, within blobs of noise flowing down the screen. That is the background, using two images of diagonal lines as textures.

P5 Sketch: https://editor.p5js.org/nicoleannevella/sketches/8reUPwf22





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