Week 2 Homework


For this Shader, I adapted the Book Of Shaders, HSB_Colour_Space file. First I changed the colour vector in Iñigo Quile’s function, replacing the rainbow spectrum for predominately black and white with inflections of orange and blue. I then changed the following equation hsb.r = floor(-u_time+d*10.)/10. I removed the floor and multiplied everything by st.y squared. Doing this allowed the layers to blur, and reoriented the image to flow vertically. Additionally, squaring st.y added an element of perspective by thickening the frontmost lines.


I really enjoy creating generative art with p5 (image below). I found it very satisfying working with the Shader codes as it felt like a much more accelerated version of what I would make in p5. I’m excited to learn more and perhaps a way to combine the two.



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