Week 3 Homework

| Gradient#1 & #2 video


| Gradient 1 code                                              | Gradient 2 code

The results are similar to my thoughts. The difficult thing is from Gradient 1. When I try to draw those ractangles, I cannot place them in right thoughts. I learnt to draw different shapes (rectangles, circles, lines….) and how to make layer for shapes. I leanrt randomness as well but I didn’t use in my homework. Combining previous learnt trigonometric functions and other knowledge, I did those.

For the Gradient 1, firstly, I drew different boxes and circle, and some of them are determined by mouse position, so that they can interacte with mouse. Then on main function, I layered every shapes and drew them on top of one anthoer. In the begining, I use mix() to mix color, in this way, if there were only few shapes, they are easy to control, but I want to add more, so by referencing 05-Layers_1, I learnt how to layer shapes.

For the Gradient 2, firstly, I drew the backgound and the two lines. Then I divided and rotated the spaces on canvas, and layered the shapes. Finally, draw them in a interactivable (by mouse & time) color.  In the begining, I edited code from book and try different outcomes, then I combine the knowledge I just learnt, the shapes were well organized by layer.


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