Major Assignment


screen-shot-2022-03-23-at-11-46-27-pm screen-shot-2022-03-23-at-11-48-35-pm

screen-shot-2022-03-23-at-11-48-11-pm screen-shot-2022-03-23-at-11-48-50-pm

screen-shot-2022-03-23-at-11-46-06-pm screen-shot-2022-03-23-at-11-45-33-pm

screen-shot-2022-03-23-at-11-48-57-pm screen-shot-2022-03-23-at-11-49-54-pm


For the first Major Assignment, I wanted to create a music video comprised of a series of colourful animations. To keep continuity I predominately used noise by adapting codes from The Book Of Shaders. The Shaders from the top are named: Spongy, Sound Wave, Sundial, Squiggle Checkers, Waterfall, Squiggle Checkers 2, Tiles, Blot, Vines.

Spongy, Sound Wave, Waterfall, and Blot were made using an adapted Wood Texture noise with a rectangle drawn onto. The rectangles each have a different shopping function applied to its border, creating interesting bulbous designs. The latter two have been fractured by breaking the main function, replacing all 1. with abs(sin(u_time)).

Sundial and Vine adapted the Circle Wave with a shaping function controlling the thickness and bend with u_time. The latter shaping uses mod to introduce a glitching like effect where the animation jumps between sections.

The Squiggle Checkers, uses the Lava Lamp noise as a background. Overtop, randomly selected cells are coloured the inverse. This is done by having a random number assigned to each cell. A separate variable transforms u_time into whole numbers oscillating from 0-3. Only the cells with the indicated number are coloured the inverse.

In the javascript, the shaders are played at random for a random duration. A variable is used to count the frames, and when they reach the randomly determined amount, the duration and scene number are reassigned.

Lastly, the I created the background theme in Logic. I used electronic synthesizes in order to compliment the generative nature of the shaders.


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