For this midterm, I wanted to focus on something relatively organic. Because my coding experience is limited I also wanted to work within limitations and explore this lack of knowledge as a tool of creation. I started off by creating patterns that gradually change over time or focus on texture, like the wave-like ripple followed by the actual static waves. This was achieved by usingĀ  “random” function, floor(), smoothStep() and very often sin and cos simultaneously to create a ripple effect. As a grid, I often used the entirety of the canvas and altered it as a whole for independent shaders. My teammate also added to the organic feel of these transitory motions by creating a shader resembling cells moving around.

Additionally, as I started also exploring the potentials of P5 I wanted to try and play around with what can change if I added a random function or if I altered the canvas size. Since the full-screen aspect was necessary I decided to try and use it to my advantage by adding movement or gradual change to the canvas in itself. I then realized the static nature of random when adding it to the canvas which in turn made me wonder if I could explore glitches as a form of art, particularly in generative art.

Overall I have learnt a lot from this experience, I wish I had a clearer vision from the start of what I wanted to achieve as it feels like the result is a bit messy but I am relatively satisfied with it. It is an 80s acid trip that goes a little wrong, a budget 2001: A Space Odyssey introductory vortex.

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