Midterm Assignment

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I started my idea initially that incorporates both music video and a camera filter, but I realized how long it will take and the complications it will have when it was migrated from TheBookOfShaders to P5.js. So I went with the music video instead and was heavily inspired by my favorite show. I tried some of my inspirations came from modern art aesthetics and I tried to involve geometries and complementary colors.

The code itself has a lot of frag files and I did my best to apply what I have learned from our previous homework and sketches while also expanding my creativity on how will I work my project along with the music playing in the background.

The most challenging part of my assignment was syncing the transitions of my shaders to the music. It was time-consuming figuring out the millisecond’s timestamps and making the individual shaders, but I was pretty satisfied with the result I had.

Music Video – Midterm Assignment Link


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