Midterm Assignment




For this midterm assignment, I created four different shaders and set them to music, when the music starts the shader will play along with the music. The four shaders will switch and loop according to the rhythm of the music. I was inspired by the abstract watercolour, I thought the blending of colours looked interesting and the watercolour looked like a way to find order in the chaos.

For two of the shaders I used the noise function to draw the basic shape of the shader, then smoothstep and a series of calculations to get the watercolour I wanted. Then I use the if-else function to plot the time and length of each shader that appears.

One of the bigger difficulties I encountered in the production process was calculating the function and how to make my pattern look smooth and have a watercolour feel. In the process of creating my fourth shader, at first, I used the step function and it didn’t look smooth, then I used smoothstep, but then I found that the return parameter made the pattern look like a lot of squares, and then I modified the parameters to achieve the water ripple effect.


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