Week 7 Assignment

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PushPop Assignment Code
I explored the pushPop assignment by accumulating different shapes in a different canvas and modified the value of the Xs and Ys of every shape creating unique outputs. I have also tried creating a large shape that creates a background for the canvas. Instead animating/moving the camera a lot, I tried to incorporate some transformation with the shape itself and using functions such as “seconds” “sin()” “cos()” and “fill()” using the hex value instead of RGB values.

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BumpMapping Assignment Code

I really enjoy doing this assignment since this includes 3D objects and I tried to explore more and experiment with the mapping. I have tried replacing a different object at first but it does not look pleasant because it only shows the map (the painting) really closely, but I eventually figured out the problem since the object is not scaled properly and the camera is not focused on the right coordinate. Through this lecture in this topic / assignment, I understood the “backend” of the materials much more and how it was applied when rendering “details” on a specific model/object.

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