Final Shader Assignment


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For this final assignment, I created an island and then added a bit of vegetation to the island and added ground, grass and sand textures to the ground. I’m more interested in things that have a realistic feel, so I made shaders that are on the realistic side, like ground and rock textures.

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I did all the materials for the island in Substance Designer, and I spent most of my time working on the materials.


Grass_Ground Shader



Sand Shader

pebbles sand-clumps sand-ripple

Grass Shader

grass grass2 %e5%b1%8f%e5%b9%95%e6%88%aa%e5%9b%be-2022-04-27-110202

Rock Shader

rock-final rock-1 rock-2

Unity Process

terrain %e5%b1%8f%e5%b9%95%e6%88%aa%e5%9b%be-2022-04-28-055046



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