Joycelyn Wong – Final Project: the unexistent room

For my final project, I wanted to create a surreal room that is full of natural elements. This is inspired by the Ghibli movie castle in the sky and 3d room on Pinterest. I think it would be interesting to see the paradoxical combination of technology with nature. This room would be used as a guide for my graphic design work therefore some of my posters are present in the room.  

To create a surreal atmosphere, I used a dissolving shader to create unrealistic floating spheres that act as light sources. I also didn’t use regular materials such as cloth, leather, or wood to apply to my furniture. I used crystal for computer screens, glass for the chair, grass for the floor, and cloud texture for the sofa. Even though it is surreal, I tried to make all the materials look realistic to create an illusion that this might be seen in the real world to enhance the paradox. 

During the process of making, I have encountered many obstacles, for instance, the water shader would not work applying on the wall as it calculates the water depth based on objects underneath it. In this case, I needed to find an alternative shader instead of insisting on it. Otherwise, I would adjust the shader graph and achieve my expectation, for example, adjusting the vertex of the grass (at first when I tried to apply animation following the tutorial, the grass’s vertex would be so away from the center and become invisible). I also had to figure out everything from scratch since HDRP is kind of different from URP.  

Overall, I really enjoyed this project since I got a chance to explore the possibilities of Unity and substance designers.  


screen-shot-2022-04-29-at-7-33-45-pm screen-shot-2022-04-29-at-7-33-59-pm

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