This midterm was fun, I enjoyed playing around with codes and creating something unique. I was in a team, we both collaborated and worked with one another. I am not perfect at coding, but I participated in the parts where I have gained my knowledge in. The main parts were random function, floor (), smooth step() for the ripple effect sin and cos. My teammate had good knowledge as well in using p5.js and helped in making different parts of the code. We both worked simultaneously to create a perfect outcome. There were issues and glitches which had appeared during the process but overall, we realized our mistakes and corrected them where required.


We made 3-4 trials which would help one another understand and bring out different ideas for the assignment. Therefore, I played around with my codes and made everything that I wanted. As a team, we tried combining and making a good outcome. This was one assignment that made me gain experience and developed a new skill.

We both collaborated on our piece of art and combined it to make a unique pattern. the picture above describes the different patterns which we as a team made.

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