WEEK 8: Homework


This was fun and pretty straight forward. I grabbed a couple of free BPR maps, made a couple of my own materials for simplicity’s sake and added some point lights and directional lights to add a little to the realism of the room. I was going for a horror sci-fi type of aesthetic. The 3D model for the bed I also got as a free model as I sadly did not have time to make my own. Regardless I will likely try and create something of this nature but with my own BPR maps in the future as I see a lot of potential in the variety that these can display at once.


I also realized I did something wrong when starting the project to begin with, I should have done it in universal render pipeline as it offers a lot more variety for the shaders and can offer a more realistic, more aesthetic glow effect than my janky in object spotlights.  (Image of process and lit up assets/materials)


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