WEEK 9: Homework

Making Cloth

Tutorial used: https://youtu.be/Gkzxq7SV1Gw 

captureimages carpetAnimated GIFimage_2022-04-17_035222089

I tried to create my own medieval fabric! I would like to believe it turned out quite well! IT is a bit shinier than I had wanted but I have a feeling that might be related to the 3D viewer rather than an error I am making. There were a couple of formatting differences between by Substance Des and the one used in the tutorial. Regardless, I found this to be really fun and potentially even found a new passion. The nodes can get tedious and very repetitive but the results are worthwhile as well as the control that multiple nodes provide over the detail. As you can see the above are the two masks I used for this project that allowed me to get the pretty designs onto the fabric. The first I made in substance designer using levels and blurring and the second I touched up in photoshop (funnily enough also using the levels equivalent in PS)  Also they are very shiny intentionally, I wanted to make it look expensive and like it was woven with something fairy-tale like like golden string.

I think organizing nodes is the hardest part. At first it is quite nice and you can section off parts you are working on but as you keep going forward, to minimize space, you want to re-use part of your nodes (particularly when colour gets involved) and that is where I found myself struggling a little navigation and organization wise. I learnt a lot of very effective UI tips for that though and it got (only a little) better.


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