Week 9 Homework

In this homework, I explored using Substance Designer and creating my own material by using different nodes provided by the software.

Overview of the shader in Substance Designer:


By following the tutorials provided in the class, I made patterns and geometries such as Cells and Grunge. Combining the textures using Blend node and having two nodes of Blend to combine another random shapes generated will create interesting results


Nodes w/ comments explaining what they do:331 32

Preview of the Shader / Material produced:1 2

I am pretty satisfied with the result of experimenting with the different functionalities of the software. It made me understand the deeper understanding of different outputs (Albedo, Roughness, Metallic, Ambient Occlusion, and Height) when applied to an object.

I will definitely give it another try on my own time to explore the software since it is really powerful when making photorealistic details of a material and incorporating this to game engines such as Unity.

Shaders Applied in Unity:   6

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