Final Project:You are part of the Lattice




With this project I wanted to create one more mirror shader using what I had learnt in this course and while making my midterm project. I have always been intrigued and fascinated by the shared importance of patterns and almost all religions of the world and other rigorous studies like science and mathematics.

Geometric oriental / islamic seamless pattern. Editable vector file.
Islamic patterns also know as arabesque

A very intriguing reality of these patterns are that most of them can be created by super imposing multiple simple shapes. And I believe that the super posing of simple shapes to create complex and dynamic systems is what underlies our entire universe. I wanted to represent this with my work by making the subject part of the tapestry. I used the color blue as it is a very soothing colour and represents the inpenetrable depths of the universe in islam and looks gorgeous when you project it onto surfaces.



In the first part of my code I import my camera into GLSL as a vec4. Then I set up a grid. I create an identity for each box of the grid. rotate it a little to make it interesting. Create an offset to calculate the position of neighbouring boxes for each box. create and animate the circles. used a variable m to calculate how many circles overlap at a pixel using the smoothstep function. Display so that only the pixel with odd circles overlapping show.




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