I chose to create a “digital mirror” type artwork for this midterm. The inspiration of this project came from one of the Danny Rozin’s software mirrors, Mirror Number 5.


The pixel shader extracts the contents of the live video it captures, converts them into a pixel array by the function loadPixels(). And then process it by calculating the size of the output pixel grid based on the current mouse horizontal coordinate. The closer the mouse is to the origin, the more detail is obtained, and if you put your mouse at the edge of the screen, then you’ll only get a dozen large pixel blocks.


I am not good at coding, because some shaders cannot be done as I planned, I had to make changes on my concept several times. After a few attempts, it finally achieved a more satisfactory result. Overall, I’m happy with what I learned about p5.js during the process, which made me feel a little more familiar with coding.

Reference: https://youtu.be/VYg-YdGpW1o


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