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[ What a Mirror 🪞💫 ]

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Danny Rozin’s mirror had a lot of distortion in it. So that’s where I got my first start. I thought about how it would be if it was a distorted effect and had a colourful effect, so I followed my initial idea. However, the mirror was already distorted and added the colour, so it could no longer be called a mirror. That’s too many effects on it. So I selected to add an achromatic effect as much as possible. However, contrary to my expectation, the achromatic colour created a weighty atmosphere. I changed the point light to the end of the mouse cursor, and the ambient light completed a project that looked atmospheric and not gloomy.

In addition, a small square in the lower-left corner was added so that the square could recognize the movement of light. Furthermore, one side of the square automatically changes colour even if the mouse is close to the square’s side, making it comfortable for viewers. And also added a regular mirror to the bottom in case people lost their focus and couldn’t enjoy the distorted mirror properly.


This whole process changed through the experience of my roommate and me. After the first coding, there was no light and no square. My friend told me that it was too simple but tedious. So I tried several things, and I’m satisfied with the result. It was my first time doing a proper project with p5.js. I thought it was a challenging and insufficient result, but I feel good that I completed it with a cute project in my way. 🌞

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