WEEK7 Homework

[ 3D ]

3D_week7  /  https://github.com/hyoji-c/ShaderArt/blob/main/week7.mov

I made two figures as an assignment. I wrote the code by myself without any reference. So I’m satisfied with it, even if it’s short-code. At first, I stuttered a little, but I was confident with this box and sphere. As a professor said, I drew a simple 3D figure using push() and pop(). frameCount() added to my example because it looked cool while researching. 😎 



[ Bump Mapping ]


I tried to bump mapping with the most popular motif pattern these days. It looks like a white rose with a thorn, and I like it anyway. The bump mapping code was harder to understand than I thought, so I got help from the professor code. It went through trial and error several times while I was coding. If there is the next opportunity, I feel I have to look at this code again from the beginning. 🧐




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