Week 9


For week 9, I found this tricky to create as it took me a while to understand the nodes, and I faced a lot of errors. I watched tutorials and videos. I created a texture of a closed shape monument where I used a surface designer in creating this. I enjoyed and learned a new skill that made me understand how such 3d animation of textures works out.

My first idea was to create an imaginary room with different textures of the ceiling and 3d furniture having textures. I was not able to complete it on time and took me a while to understand therefore this is what I created, and I am happy about it.


Week 8 HW


Dharini Kapoor 3178397


This model indicates towera building which is a tall tower that is made in which the feeling of a pyramid would be examined. As I am new to this program and it’s my first time creating a 3d digital model and wanted to keep it simple and basic I discussed it with friends, family,  for guidance and I came up with this idea to create, earlier I wanted to create a structure which could be utilized by architects as I have never seen a tower which has this kind of a structure. This is the way I am building my model and would have a good outcome soon.


This midterm was fun, I enjoyed playing around with codes and creating something unique. I was in a team, we both collaborated and worked with one another. I am not perfect at coding, but I participated in the parts where I have gained my knowledge in. The main parts were random function, floor (), smooth step() for the ripple effect sin and cos. My teammate had good knowledge as well in using p5.js and helped in making different parts of the code. We both worked simultaneously to create a perfect outcome. There were issues and glitches which had appeared during the process but overall, we realized our mistakes and corrected them where required.


We made 3-4 trials which would help one another understand and bring out different ideas for the assignment. Therefore, I played around with my codes and made everything that I wanted. As a team, we tried combining and making a good outcome. This was one assignment that made me gain experience and developed a new skill.

We both collaborated on our piece of art and combined it to make a unique pattern. the picture above describes the different patterns which we as a team made.

Week 7



For the Week 7 Homework I played around with shapes and colors, the image above is just a screenshot of my piece of art which I worked on , Its an animation of different shapes and used the codes such as push(); pop(); and others required for this animation.

Week 4 HW

Through the shader, I made today based on Color Harmony I have developed a new skill in creating my own design using different colors. The usage of RGB, Radius, and other codes which made a good approach to my design made me feel good. I didn’t intentionally create a flower but through me playing around with my codes and trying to design my work it shows a pattern of a flower that is spreading different colors on each petal.


Week 3 Hw



I have chosen Shader 2 as I feel I was able to work it with movement and understanding the codes in depth. I developed new skills in designing and I used my imagination for this Design. It took my time to create this design and I would name it “The Mixture of Colors”screen-shot-2022-03-01-at-10-37-47-amI faced issues in coding the movement of my design, but I watched videos and got guidance in how I was supposed to be doing it. I found this design attractive and imaginative if you keep staring at the design for a long time.  https://pastebin.pl/view/78a5b9e1

Week 2 Homework


This is Gradient #1 which I have shown above where I tried to understand and learn about how to blend 2 colors. I have done this before using a different program, but I developed a new skill where I used different aspects into making this but I found this medium a little tricky and challenging to understand. vec3 color = mix( white, blue, smooth step) this is one of the codes for Vec3 which I have used which would be the Hermite interpolation between the 2 values (https://www.khronos.org/registry/OpenGL-Refpages/gl4/html/smoothstep.xhtml).  

In the beginning, I chose this because I developed a new skill and understood the medium being utilized. I really like the way the colors blended well and brought out a good aspect.