Final Porject for Shader Art

Is a group work with Jiaxi Pan.

 For the final project, we want to create an explorable scene, players can navigate and enjoy the scene free of their will, like an open-world game scene. The whole project is composed in unity. Due to the time limits, we are not able to go into detail and do the models by ourselves. The cabin and furniture models are downloaded from the unity shop, but the materials are all replaced by our own. Material and texture are generated through Substance Designer 3D. 

For me as an illustration, the student is really nice to learn shader skills that can hugely help in manipulating digital scenes because I like video games very much.


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Shader midterm project



As me and Jiaxi Pan choose this project together, we decide to do a 4 shaders scene change. We chose to do the “digital mirror” option. Considering different types of filters, Instagram includes many excellent animation filters involving player interaction. 

Based on the decision, the project “Crushes” is a topic about being touched in different ways (typically in relationships). The color choices are vibrant and strong since the attraction at first from the other part should be emotionally strong. The first move of zooming in represents the mood of love, at first sight, the second is a stage when they connect to each other sexually, the third one is about being surrounded by sweets and warms, the fourth is when somebody fluctuates your moods.

This project is done by us mostly together, including code writing, aesthetic decisions… I worked on the interaction and organizing the coding languages. Jiaxi Pan worked on the color and texture changing, also, he tried to add more shaders to p5. We also tested the possibility of adding more content to work to enrich the visual experiences.