Final Assignment Tusharika

For the final assignment I was confused at first as to if I should focus on first half of the semester or not, I think it would be good opportunity to learn and improve p5.js editor.

I remember seeing similar example shown for the music video  as Danny Rozins shared in class, in Museum of Illusions in Chicago, where the keyboard keys change as I came near the artwork.

I started experimenting with the GLSL and p5.js editors and thought it will be great idea to work on the music video to understand the editors

I wanted to create a music video which showcases different feelings and things that I like, for the first fragment I used one of weekly homework assignment that I submitted which looks like sunrise/sunset.


I wanted the music video to progress into from rain effect to galaxy so based on the rectangle randomness that was taught in class. I started working on the code.


The code was set up to loop but I wanted the shapes to be stable and changes colours in order to show that water is going down by changing colour. I experimented a bit if it should be water droplets or water kind of flowing and changed the x and y axis.

screen-shot-2023-03-26-at-5-05-10-pm screen-shot-2023-03-26-at-5-28-58-pmscreen-shot-2023-03-26-at-9-33-01-pm

And then I made from generative concept taught in class I was able to make thunder effect



As I was working more on the shaders thought it will be great to consider more shaders like galaxy etc, have more (7-10) designs





Cherry Blossoms:


Then I preloaded and set up my files in p5.js


For some reason, I was unable to load the song as mp3, so I decided to have a separate js file and organize the code in a better manner.


After that I worked on the scenes, I also tried adding interaction with the mouse.



Link to the final video:


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