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   For my final project proposal, I want to make a music player for my final project using Unity and Substance Designer. Below is my inspiration as well as my conceptual image which is picked up on Pinterest.  I think this picture brings a quiet and mysterious atmosphere, so my intention is that users can enjoy music quietly in such a relaxing environment. This project is also a challenge for me because I have never used Substance Designer to make materials before, but I have seen some works made by previous students, which is very inspiring and makes me look forward to making excellent materials through this powerful software.


Final showcase:


In my final project, I created five materials totally using Substance designer, which are the texture of the plane, column top, column bottom, rock and character. To interact with the project, players should click each column top to trigger the audio clip( which continues for about 10 to 15 seconds). The skybox(Unity assets), character model(Mixamo), rock models(Unity assets) and petal particle(Unity assets) are all online assets. Some of them were not in my project schedule but were added finally to increase the visual enjoyment. 

  I followed the tutorials on Youtube but adjusted a little bit to keep the harmony rather than completely copy what is taught in videos. I used to meet the lighting problem in Unity, in which the light doesn’t work except for the directional light. Afterwards, I found that this is caused by enormous model sizes. Specifically, if the model is larger than the standard cube too much, many functions will meet problems when run(mine was 100 times larger). For example, once I imported the texture to the model, it looked different from how it looked in the texture ball, which becomes rough and graceless(so the solution is narrowing them down and the light system restores after then).

Full project recording:

Tutorial Link:

column top_the lawn with tiny flowers:


character_ crystal:




Materials(self-made) showcase:

character_ crystal



column top_the lawn with tiny flowers







*The substance designer file of this texture is missing, here is the unity material.

column bottom








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