Luke D’Alfonsi – Homework Week 10

Prototype Space Room

For this homework assignment I decided to try and create textures that are similar to what I am aiming to create for my final assignment.


Above is the model with each surface being a different sci-fi metal material. Each material can be seen in the following images, these images help give a better idea at the depth to some of the materials.



For the two wall textures I wanted there to be a lot of scratches as well as for them to have extruding faces similar to the floor but not as deep. The wall textures also use similar elements with adjustments two the nodes in the graphs.


For the floor texture I wanted to create a sort of tile texture with a high displacement, i also experimented with surface imperfections and how the roughness of this texture works


I created these textures using tile generators, scratch generators, noise and various other nodes for the blending and blurring of the textures to create the raised elements as ell as the surface imperfections. The graphs for these textures are very small and simple but it was an interesting experiment especially after completing the week 9 homework. The floor texture in particular is my favourite!

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