Luke DAlfonsi – Week 9 Homework


For this weeks homework I followed a tutorial of creating a honeycomb texture in Substance Designer.

The tutorial I followed can be found here: Substance Designer Beginner Tutorial – Honey Comb – YouTube

Though my material doesn’t look quite as good as the one in the video

but for my first go with substance designer I think its not bad! It was very interesting figuring out how to work through this program. I am definitely interested in exploring node based material creation and even saw some ways of including photo scans and Ai to automate some of the process which I thought was very interesting.

It was very interesting seeing the material change throughout each step, in particular when adding the wax cap effect it was a big jump from just the honeycomb pattern.

This tutorial creates a decently complex texture using very simple techniques making it perfect for getting comfortable with the software. I am hoping to include this material somehow in my final project!

here is a look at the graph



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