Luke DAlfonsi – Week8 Homework


screenshot-2023-03-17-110234 screenshot-2023-03-17-110203 screenshot-2023-03-17-110227

For the week 8 unity homework I decided to create a scene using textures from polyhaven and freepbr as well as some textures I made myself. I used textures of various metals as well as grass and rocky textures from the referenced sites, the textures i made include all of the foliage.

The scene is inspired by my recent viewing experience of TLOU Part one show so I wanted to include fungi like things which are attached to the trees, ground, and the mechanic parts in the scene. The scene depicts these big robots sucking out green juice from the earth I have no real reason why this is happening it’s just where I ended up when creating this piece!

I also used post processing to add some bloom, camera distortion, depth of field, as well as some grain to the image!

The build can be tried here and features a couple of short animated camera scenes within the environment: Week8 Shader Art Homework by Suburb Studios (

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