Ushna Khalid – Week 09 HW

I chose to follow a tutorial from the Adobe substance 3d channel here.

This isn’t the first tutorial I watched for substance designer though. I watched a substance designer tutorial for burnt wood that I hopeto use for my final here.  It helped me understand Substance designer a lot.


I haven’t finished it yet cause I wanted to try something else.

This tutorial however was pretty daunting. There were a lot more nodes and it was harder to organize. Though I found out that you can add pins on the strings to organize it better, but I think it got too chaotic for me.

The tutorial first scared me when he showed the graph in the start. But it was a 30 min video which is 20 mins shorter than the burnt wood one so I went through with it.

I did have to pause a lot during the burnt wood video, but here i already knew what i was doing so it was faster for me.

Substace designer isn’t as hard as I expected. And since I followed a few tutorials I think i got a handle on it.





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