Week 09 Homework Magdalena Szlapczynski

“Carpet with shine”

Before beginning my material, I had the idea of making a carpet or blanket. I followed this tutorial of a medieval fabric and deviated from it. The main parts of the tutorial’s medieval fabric was followed. On the medieval fabric, the ornaments were shiny and had shiny laces, I kept similar to that idea and instead made really reflective stripes on the cloth that I made. The blue parts of the cloth are textured with a cloud node with a perlin noise, making it look very soft, and there is also a wave-curve node into it giving it a sort of wave.

This tutorial was really great for beginning because it featured all of the maps, and showed how to make two separate materials onto one. It went over perlin noise, randomness, gaussian noise, and there were a lot of blend nodes.

I followed this tutorial: https://youtu.be/Gkzxq7SV1Gw

Screenshots of work:


Zoomed into the material. Had to change the resolution before uploading as the website has a max of 5mb. Zooming into the material you can see all the laces and overlaps of the wool.

The weaved wool on the blue material: This was made by combining the “weave” functions with blend. Gaussian noise was added and it was warped with the combined weaves to look natural like a fleece of sorts.

The weaved wool on the purple material: This was made very differently. This was made by first getting a shape and stringing it into a straight weave, then it was gridded sideways.

The purple and blue material were both made differently and treated differently throughout the tutorial. I deviated a bit to make my own sort of fleece as I didn’t want a medieval look but rather a more natural sort of carpet or blanket. I also really enjoyed the shine, and added thicker lines instead of ornaments like flowers or small animals. You can really see the reflections and difference between the two materials when both are nearly evenly thick across the material.

There are also folds in the material, but they are made very subtle and it is difficult to tell immediately.

1 2 process_01_week9 process_02_week9

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