Week 5 Homework Tae Nim 3170229

We were assigned to create a bump-mapping shader for the week five homework. As I started the journey, I started with my design process to discover what I wanted to express through the project. My thesis practice has developed from finding and expressing my artist identity through good back-and-forth communication by creating the performative critical play, which also involves my aspect of human life. I had an element that our life has a property of a seasonal cycle. Likewise, I have been using flowers as a symbol. Therefore, displaying the flower objects and colourizing them with the camera as a texture would be interesting. I wanted to create a relationship between objects and the audience for them to investigate my aspect through sympathizing and continuing their journey with their interpretation.


As a first step, I was using the code to change the object.

The second stage was to change the texture from picture to camera. While I was mixing the different codes, I encountered some issues, but I found the solution. First, I changed the object’s size because it was hard to see the whole thing. Furthermore, I added the rotate on y value for more various movements.

I tried to change the amplitude by multiplying tan and more numeral values on changes by time and speed of the texture coordinate. Moreover, I also took a further step by using the noise function to change the camera screen more rhythmically. ┬áIn the end, this week’s project was successful. I can add more interaction using mouse placement to affect the shape movement on javascript.

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