Week 5 Homework

For my week 5 I made the Crazy Frog Crazy changing model.

First off, I modeled both a strange structure that I thought would be fun to see move around in the bump mapping noise slider shader. I went to Maya and did some fun stuff, dragging vertices around and expanding and making things smaller, with the goal of putting a picture of Crazy Frog, for this structure to move around as crazily as possible. I then put it upon the template and messed around with some of it. I then made it to have an ethereal white glow to it the more crazy it gets, and made the texture a serene and beautiful image of a crazy frog.




This homework actually started with me getting stressed about the bump mapping shader as well, and yes I did play around with the same crazy frog image. Nonetheless although it took me a bit to understand the full lengths of it, it still was a good learning experience!



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