Week 8 Agalia

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I spent a lot of my time and focus on learning how to import my own things to apply for the assignment. So, I found out how to take my own HDRI that I took in Alberta and convert it for unity. The only thing is, the converter I used caused it to lose a lot of quality. Essentially, it took the 360 image and broke it up into squares that I put back together in unity. The textures required some resizing and tiling in order to get the proper look as they just seemed off until then. Moreover, the emission was done through adding bloom and turning on HDR in the URP asset. I want to explore more with lighting because I know there are various ways to make emissive materials in unity that have varying looks.

Materials used (cited):


Light Gold PBR Metal Material


Antique Wood Veneer 1 PBR Material

purple cloth

Old Soiled Cloth 1 PBR Material


Stringy Polished Marble PBR Material

white cloth

Loose Tablecloth PBR Material

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