Week 8 Homework – Tyler Jorge

I had quite a bit of fun experimenting with textures and lighting in Unity to create my little diorama. I used various textures from freepbr.com as well as a skybox from polyhaven.com. I also used a couple of 3D models that I found on sketchfab.com (all cited below).

I do a lot of work in the metal studio at school, so naturally I wanted to create something that used a lot of metal textures for tools and such.


The skybox I chose is a metal workshop and features various pieces of equipment, so I decided to create a couple of hammers out of primitive shapes like cylinders and spheres, and give them the appropriate materials such as metal, wood, and rubber.2

I found a 3D model of the Iron Sword from the popular video game Skyrim. I wanted just a basic sword made entirely out of metal, but something that I could use more than one metal on. The handle is a Titanium material, and the blade is a Polished Metal.3

The skybox has fluorescent lights overhead that I decided to incorporate into my scene through the use of some 3D models I found. I gave the lights an emissive texture to make it seem like they’re glowing (although this doesn’t make sense as they are not even plugged in!!). I couldnt quite get the emissive texture to work the way I wanted, which was a sort of neon glow effect, but what I achieved looks alright.4 5

I also recorded a short little video highlighting some of the finer details of the scene.

here’s a link to my video: https://youtu.be/buymXj2U9Kc


Skybox: https://polyhaven.com/a/workshop
Materials: https://freepbr.com/shop/
Anvil: https://skfb.ly/6zJpF
Fluorescent Lamp: https://skfb.ly/6RMUz
Iron Sword: https://skfb.ly/69TXs

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