Week 8 – Tara B

I was inspired by a few things for this weeks homework. I had started to think about my idea for the final project and this week was an exploration on the idea I had for the final project. I was directly inspired by this installation at MoNa in Hobart and I wanted to explore what it would look and feel like to actually go inside these “pictures” and if they were even more 3D. It’s interactivity is a work in progress as I just wanted to explore the materials and assets I wanted to use for it.

I didn’t really have anything in mind material wise other than finding PBR textures that I thought looked cool in free PBR, I just spent an hour looking at all the textures before picking ones I liked and experimenting with placement and the settings (smoothness, the normals, height, emission) Some of them are more metallic than they probably would be in real life (the lava for example) but I really liked the emphasis that the shine brought.

I wanted some of the walkable pictures to be unexpected so there are different rooms to them. Eventually I want to have interactivity like the ends of the hallways teleport you back into the gallery space and the ball room to have phsyics so they bounce around when you push into them.

Walkthru vid


^^^ Progress sceenshots and inspiration from Mona.


Clay Shingles | Bird Feathers | Painted Concrete | Forest Floor | Space Wall 1 | Space Wall 2 | Space Wall 3 | Alien Plant | Desert Rocks | Lava | Tidal Pool | Gold Wall | Cliffs | Vines | Stones | Coral

Skybox Tunnel

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