Week 8 – Unity Diorama

For this week’s homework, I used a mixture of unity shapes and imported 3D models from SketchFab. The skybox panorama I used was an outdoor rainforest scene, I didn’t particularly have a certain goal with this homework, I just wanted to explore the different textures and how they would wrap around different shapes. The scene itself is not very structed, but I kind of tried to structure it around the bridge within the panorama scene.

Final Scene


Overall, this week’s homework was a great refresher on unity itself and I also learned a lot about textures and materials because I was never too focused on these aspects of unity, since I mostly used unity for 2D purposes.

Skybox – https://polyhaven.com/a/rainforest_trail

3D Models – https://skfb.ly/6yoQ8 , https://skfb.ly/6CNsz

Textures – https://freepbr.com/materials/stringy-marble-pbr/ , https://freepbr.com/materials/white-spruce-bark-pbr/ , https://freepbr.com/materials/used-stainless-steel/ , https://freepbr.com/materials/rusted-steel/


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